Faith For Absolute Happiness

8 Jul

‘How do i live my life?’ ‘ How can i live the very best life?’- these are fundamental questions and Buddhism supplies a coherent answer to this question. Shakyamuni Buddha, the Great Teacher Tientai and Nichiren Daishonin each set forth a clear response. In particular the conclusions of Shakyamuni and Daishonin are exactly the same.

Moreover based on this conclusion Nichiren Daishonin left behind a concrete ‘TOOL’ that all people can use to become happy. He bestowed the Gohonzon- which is nothing but a “happiness producing device”

Faith is the engine that enables us to persevere in life to the very end. Our Buddhist practice serves as the propulsive force for piercing through the clouds of suffering like a rocket and powerfully ascending higher and higher, without limit, to fly serenely through the sky of happiness.

When we chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, hope and strength to always live positively surge within us. Buddhism teaches that earthly desires- deluded impulses are the causes for sufferings- can be a springboard to enlightenment. Through faith in the Mystic Law, we can develop the ability to change all that is negative in our lives into something positive.

The Daishonin writes, ‘Myo means to revive, that is to return to life’. It is the immense power of the Mystic Law that gives vitality to and breathes fresh life into all things, including individuals, organisations, societies and nations.

As human beings, we also possess our own unique karma. Essentially the concept of karma can only be understood when viewed from the perspective of life’s eternity over the three existences of past, present and future. And these past existences need not necessarily have happened on this planet. In any case, our present reality is that we have been born here on Earth. This is an inalterable fact. How can we discover our true path? How can we change our karma and build a truly wonderful and meaningful existence? The answer is in short, by embracing faith in Mystic Law. Through our practice, we can change our negative karma and transform the place where we are in to the Land of Tranquil Light.

Moreover, Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism always focuses on the present and the future. By always moving forward from now on, we can develop our lives boundlessly. We can also open up infinite possibilities for our next life and lifetime after that. We can reveal the immeasurable treasures within  us and make our lives shine with the full brilliance of those treasures and thus attain Absolute Happiness. Such is the power of practicing Nichiren Budhhism.

Excerpt from a speech delivered by Sensei at the 1st Soka Gakkai Thailand General Meeting in 1994.


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